Complications for Emma which could be serious.

Radio Times: A homecoming is planned.

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  • Chris has been deputed to chase Jason, more tactfully than George is able to do. Meanwhile George is being persuaded that he is just the man to organise a blind apple tasting. It will soon be George’s birthday and his temporary hosts suggest a dinner party – not really George’s cup of tea but he needs to help with the guest list.
  • Emma is collecting her things to leave hospital and apparently Neil is smiling for the first time since the accident.
  • Greg cannot resist pulling George’s leg about the dinner party; does he have a monkey suit? George decides that, since Greg is the nearest thing he has to a friend (is that a compliment?) he would like Greg and Helen to come to the dinner party.
  • When Neil arrives to take Emma home she collapses in agony; she is going nowhere.
  • Jack has been talking to Joe who is worried about Ed. Jack is not impressed with the tatty greenhouse erected at Keeper’s Cottage but decided this is not the time to bring it up. George returns, more enthusiastic about the dinner party and Peggy is happy to include Greg and grand-daughter Helen among the guests.
  • Neil and Susan are anxiously waiting again for Emma to come back from theatre. They are trying to come to terms with the realisation that it will be days before they know whether the operation is successful. If not, they might have to …

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