In spite of being a Grundy, William is allowed to visit Emma, who is mastering the crutches.

Radio Times: Neil relents – a little.

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  • Shula has called to present her mother with a gardening book on her birthday. They look forward to the party this evening which will be a double celebration, with Ruth’s pregnancy as well.
  • Emma is taking her first cteps with the crutches, under the gaze of her parents who only make her nervous. She negotiates the corridor alone, giving Susan chance to lobby for William’s plight but Neil still cannot overlook the fact that William is a Grundy. It is fortunate that he did not take that attitude with Susan, and tar her with the Horobin brush. Good point! It is nearly visiting time and Emma craves a visit from her mates, notably Ed: she wants to know if he is alright and she wants to thank him for saving her life by pulling her from the car. She wishes that William had been to see her too.
  • Phil is at the piano providing entertainment for the party. Peggy reveals that Jason has requested George not to go to the Police House for a while; he does not like him breathing down his neck. Peggy is enjoying having Chris as a guest but George is more difficult.
  • Neil relents and sends William in to the ward, hopefully to cheer Emma up. It was Susan’s remark about being a Horobin that did it. He says she is like a rose on a compost heap; doesn’t he say the nicest things. There is not much prospect of Ed getting past Neil though.
  • Emma and William exchange notes about their treatment by the police, who gave them both a hard time. She is sorry for not waiting for him. He is sorry that he left her to look for Ed. How is Ed? William reports that he will be in court on Friday. Of course William has lost his car but it was only an old banger; he doesn’t mind as long as Emma is ok, indeed he is moved to tears with relief. Emma is just pleased to be coming home.

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