The truth is out, about Ed’s joyriding and about Ruth’s pregnancy.

Radio Times: William tells a tale of joy.

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  • At Brookfield David worries whether Debbie has drilled the winter wheat too early; at least there is a new heifer to be pleased about, the last of the internet calves.
  • Susan hopes that Betty can manage without her in the shop tomorrow. Emma will be taking her first turn on the crutches, which is amazing since she only yesterday had the operation to put a pin in her leg. At least there is no brain damage. It has been worse for Neil who saw the accident. It has brought out a side of him that Susan has never seen before; usually he is such a gentle man. He turned Ed away from the hospital yesterday, scared of what he might do to him. He turned William away too, which Susan thought was a bit hard; it is not his fault that he has a stupid brother (said with feeling!).
  • David is under pressure from Debbie to harvest the spuds, so that she can get on. Debbie in turn is moaning about the Home Farm contractors. Ruth is preparing for her amniocentesis test tomorrow, she is not really worried about it and will be fine to go to Jill’s birthday tea later.
  • Eddie and Clarrie are keen to know how William got on with the “boys in blue”. They thought he was in it too; Tom and Kirsty backed him up and Neil could do too but probably wouldn’t, because his name is Grundy. He reveals to his parents that Ed and Jazzer have been joyriding for months, Fallon too until she saw sense. Yesterday, William was not allowed to see Emma and that was because of Ed too. He feels that his parents know nothing about him; he is not the interesting one, not a chip off the old block.
  • Ruth is on a last minute mission to buy a card for Jill. She happily receives the congratulations of both Betty and Susan but is intrigued to know how they knew. True to form, Jennifer had told them both, separately. When Clarrie comes in Betty makes herself scarce as Clarrie wants to talk to Susan. After enquiring about Emma, she pleads with Susan to let William see Emma; it was not his fault.

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