Ed receives some legal advice but upsets Williams plan to visit Emma.

Radio Times: The brothers are sent packing.

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  • Undaunted by the loss of his car, William has cycled to work on time; Greg is impressed. William is thankful that nobody was badly hurt when the car exploded, although Emma is to have an operation today. Greg had not appreciated that Ed had taken the car without William’s consent. When Clarrie comes looking for William he leaves them to it. William makes it quite clear that will not go home while Ed is there; he doesn’t have a brother any more.
  • Ed has an appointment with Usha and decides to keep it alone; Eddie is obliged to wait without.
  • William wishes he could see Emma but is concerned that she might not want to see him. Greg thinks she will be so bored as to be glad to see anybody and he offers the use of the Land Rover.
  • Usha speaks severely to Ed, reading out the charges and advising him to cut out the jokes in court. The charges are serious and they could bang him up. At least he was not over the limit and he did pull Emma clear.
  • Back home Eddie reports back to Clarrie that they should be in court on Friday; their presence will make a good impression. Eddie still thinks that William should have covered for Ed but Clarrie sums it up well: Usha thinks otherwise, she is a solicitor and Eddie is an idiot, so the matter is closed. She could not bear it if Ed went to prison.
  • William bumps into Neil in the hospital car park and it is soon agreed that William can go and see Emma to tell her himself how sorry he is. But Neil will check first how she is. Ed arrives, also bent on seeing Emma, and the inevitable brotherly shouting match is in full swing when Neil reappears. He sends Ed packing and then decides he cannot cope with any Grundy seeing his daughter, so rather unjustly William is also sent away disappointed.

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