Emma regains consciousness after 36 hours and William stays away from Ed.

Radio Times: The Carters have to wait.

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  • Emma’s parents are anxiously waiting at her bedside; she has been in a coma for 36 hours. Neil, who saw the accident, will never forgive Ed Grundy.
  • Clarrie has learned that Emma has not regained consciousness; she rejects Eddie’s idea that William might cover for Ed.
  • Neil thinks they should never have let Emma go to the concert. They should lock Ed up for attempted murder and throw away the key. Neil thinks lots of similar thoughts borne of anxiety.
  • Eddie is more concerned with his own lads than Emma and still campaigns for William to say that he lent Ed the car; Clarrie is adamant that William must not lie to the police.
  • Neil’s prayers are answered; he feels Emma squeeze his hand as she regains consciousness.
  • In The Bull, Kirsty and Tom agree with Will that he must tell the truth but he need not blacken Ed’s character; they will just say what they saw, that Ed dragged Emma clear.
  • Emma remembers a deer but can’t remember much else; she doesn’t need to just now, rest!
  • Clarrie is worried that William did not come home for Sunday lunch; he was having a drink with Kirsty and Tom.
  • Emma remembers that her legs were trapped and she could smell petrol. Ed pulled her out but she is all mixed up. How is Ed? Her father assures her that he is not in hospital, he is alright.
  • Ed has an appointment with Usha and Eddie will go along too, determined that no son of his will go down because a stupid deer ran into the road.

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