William and Emma’s night out ends in Ed-related tragedy

Radio Times: Emma has a bad trip

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  • Ed is late for picking up Fallon for the gig. Kirsty and Tom came along and offers them another lift. Ed comes up with Will’s car and Jazzer in the back.
  • Emma is moaning about the fact that Neil is planning on picking them up because he doesn’t trust them. She and Will see his car – he is shocked at this, although soon realises that Ed is to blame.
  • Things go well – Kirsty and Tom discuss Helen’s meeting with Prince Charles. Fallon is annoyed that Jazzer’s there, but glad that she’s found some of her other friends. Will and Emma join them. Will complains at Ed, Fallon is still annoyed at Ed, Emma decides to go home. Ed offers Emma a lift home as she can’t reach Neil. Tom and Kirsty are in the car park when Ed and Emma leave.
  • Neil finds William, who tells him that Emma had tried to leave early. Neil is annoyed at William ‘We trusted you, and you left my little girl alone in the dark’. Will points out that he left her with Tom, Kirsty and Fallon, and that they said she was going to meet Neil. Neil is worried.
  • Ed and Emma are talking, Ed offers to speed up; Emma is keen to get back. They crash, Emma is obviously fairly seriously harmed but not killed. Ed encourages Emma away from the car before it explodes.
  • Tom and Kirsty hear the explosion and find Ed and Emma – Tom rings for an ambulance … Emma has been seriously harmed, possibly killed in the explosion. Neil and Will join them.

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