Shula arrives to pick up the cats – Jill is gardening.

Radio Times: Helen becomes royally lost

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  • Pat, Helen, Ton, Betty and Neil are on a visit to Duchy Home Farm. They’re impressed with the size and variety. Tony enthuses about clover.
  • Ruth has gone to see Jill. She comments that Susan is a bit harrassed, because Mike is ‘helping’. Josh is playing with Shula and Alistair’s cats, who’ve run away again.
  • Neil’s interested about the slurry; Helen says she’s missed most of the talk because Tony’s been talking. Helen disappears; Tony goes to look for her.
  • Ruth and Jill eat lunch at Brookfields – the Aga’s been switched on again, and Jill’s pleased.
  • Helen reappears, refusing to explain her absence. Later she says she’s not allowed to talk about what happened. She talks about cheese for a bit. She had met ‘someone’ – who was fairly enthusiastic about cheesing. Turns out she’d met Prince Charles.

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