Mike’s still despressed about work and Betty’s success, the poll shows support for cheap housing, but not for executive homes.

Radio Times: David withdraws his offer

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  • Jill and Betty discuss the moves and Betty’s plans to go on a trip to a farm. Mike arrives, he’s not happy. Betty points out to Jill that it’s the fact that she’s so busy that doesn’t help, also that Mike mopes when he’s nothing to do. She hasn’t mentioned the possibility of delivering veg boxes to him yet.
  • Joe arrives at Brookfields to ask David about the field for his ploughing practise. David has to tell him that he doesn’t want to lend him the land.
  • Jill goes to see Shula. Daniel has asked for several exotic pets, but Alistair has said no to every one. Shula suggests that all the family go out for Jill’s birthday. The village questionnaires have shown vast support for some family houses and cheap homes to be built in the village, but none at all for executive homes. Jill admits to being upset about the fact that the aga at Brookfield’s been switched off.
  • Mike is still complaining that nobody’s talking to him. Betty starts to talk about the veg boxes when Joe interrupts. Then David comes in and interrupts again. Joe and Bert have an argument in the Bull. Betty tries to shut them up and eventually tells them to leave if they can’t behave themselves. Mike sneers at the idea of delivering veg boxes, but agrees to do it anyway.

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