Neil’s worried about Emma (over William) and Jill’s worried about Brookfield (generally)

Radio Times: Trouble with the eternal flame

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  • Joe is admiring Neil’s pigs, they talk about the turkeys and then about Emma and William, Neil moaning about Eddie before stopping and hearing that the two are going out together. Neil doesn’t know anything about the proposed date, and he’s not happy that he hasn’t been told. Joe asks Neil whether he has some land that he can practise ploughing on; Neil says no.
  • Meanwhile Ruth is teaching a calf to drink. David is a bit upset that few places have ordered for Hassett Hills, but expects more orders later. Jill is expected later. There’s been a phone call from Joe – he’s going to visit, but hasn’t said why.
  • Bert comes in for tea, and Jill makes it, she’s baked some flapjacks. Bert is saying it’s like old times – Jill discovers that the Aga has been switched off. Ruth says that one of the children switched off the Aga and they haven’t got around to relighting it, althought they will sometime.
  • Emma is home early – she’s had a great day with a nursery trip to Lower Loxley. Neil mentions that Joe thinks Emma and William are going out, and Emma says of course not, just going to one concert doesn’t mean anything. Neil says he’s worried about Emma. She points out that she’s not stupid and that she’ll be OK. Neil cools down but insists on driving them back.
  • David thinks he will be able to find some practising land for Joe, and will talk to Ruth later. Bert finds out at this point that Joe’s entered the ploughing competition.

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