Pat’s relenting and Ed’s winning over Fallon with his driving …

Radio Times: Pat has a rethink

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  • Fallon comes across Ed in the college canteen – he’s meeting up with a potential new band member. He’s gorgeous, so Fallon agrees to come and hear him. But it turns out he’s got a girlfriend. Ed manages to persuade Fallon that she’s coming to the gig with him – and he’s got wheels.
  • Helen’s miffed with her mum – she thinks she’s being deliberately obstructive. She can’t deliver some stuff to the shop, and she can’t cover for Helen while she goes shopping with Greg. Pat confides in Clarrie – she just can’t shake off her worry. Practical Clarrie is very comforting. Greg turns up to help with the delivery, and Pat feels really awful. Later, in the shop, Pat sends them off shopping, and Helen softens a bit. They talk about how hard it is for Pat to let her go. Then Pat sends her off to do the shopping, asking if she wants anything special. No, no, says Helen. Not really