Ed’s winding his dad up and Jennifer’s not entirely sure she approves of Helen and Greg

Radio Times: Helen has a prior engagement

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  • Eddie is trying to force a pipe into one of his statues to make it into a water feature … Ed is scathing. He tries to get a bit of extra cash out of his dad for his birthday, so he can really enjoy the gig on Friday. He tells Eddie he’s sorted with a girl to take and transport to get her there. Eddie’s too busy to help Tony with the carrots – he’s doing well on his latest garden landscaping job.
  • Helen and Pat are looking forward to the visit to Duchy Home Farm. Helen’s cooking Sunday dinner for Greg (very.. traditional, says Pat) and Tom’s out, so Tony and Pat decide to go to the Bull. Pat is still very worried about Helen, and not knowing much about Greg. Tony suggests she talks to Jennifer, which she decides to do straight away.
  • A slightly condescending Jennifer is sure Helen and Greg will be fine. Look at Simon and Debbie. They couldn’t be happier. Helen and Greg have a cheerful time together, and Helen agrees to help Greg choose a present for his daughter Annette.