The Hassett Hills launch goes well and William seizes his opportunity with Emma.

Radio Times: Jill notes some changes.

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  • Jill is no stranger to washing up in the Brookfield kitchen, but it is not her kitchen any more; she only came to feed the hens. Ruth is happy for the help. There are other changes too, which are not really to Jill’s liking but she has to bite her tongue.
  • All is ready for the Hassett Hills launch. Jean-Paul has produced some wonderful dishes although he claims that if they had been fed on milk, as in France, the meat would have been even tastier and the sheep on the leaflet might have looked more cheerful.
  • Emma has escaped from home, where her mum was getting her down. She tells William that her mum would have even more to say if she knew about Ed coming on to her the other evening; he probably only did it to get back at Fallon. Although the biggest tragedy seems to be that she has blown her concert ticket and she was looking forward to going. As it happens, William has a couple of tickets so she could go with him.
  • David seems happy with the interview he gave to Brenda; she fed him easy questions. When Jean-Paul’s turn at the microphone is over he is able to report that Mr Malik was impressed with the meat; it is not of course as he would serve it but he could tell that the quality was good.
  • In a quiet corner Jill relates to Phil the changes at Brookfield: the TV in the kitchen which the children watch while eating and the empty biscuit tin; poor Bert had nothing for his break. Nobody tidies up. Maybe she should do some baking for them. Phil is quite clear about that; she must not interfere. He agrees that Ruth will need more help as her pregnancy develops but Jill must wait until they ask for it. Unfortunately the corner was not as quiet as they thought: Jennifer overheard this last remark so Ruth’s secret is out.
  • William admits to Emma that he is tired. The work on the greenhouse is partly the cause, although it was worth it, but mainly it is because Greg has kept him hard at it. Going out with Helen has not mellowed him. Ed comments that the two of them look rather cosy but his arrival puts paid to that; Emma decides that this is a signal for her to go home and thanks, but she does not need William to walk her there. William cannot resist a jibe at his brother by telling him about taking Emma to the concert; they will be getting a lift so they will be free to drink and do whatever they like.

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