Pat eases Betty’s mind about Mike and George eases Pat’s about Greg.

Radio Times: George goes walkabout.

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  • George is keeping an eye on Jason, at work on the Police House, to relieve his frustration about camping out at the Lodge. He admits to Shula that of course it is generous of Peggy and Mr Woolley (alias Jack!) to put them up but he finds it much harder than Chris does. Shula has found a cupboard full of bits and pieces at the Stables and queries what George would like to do with them. He will come round later and sort them out.
  • Siobhán is stocking up on treats; she is working at home today. She reminds Betty about filling in the Ambridge development questionnaire and extracts a promise that it will be done this evening. When Pat comes into the shop, she thinks Pat looks hassled and when Siobhán leaves they wonder whether she ever stops. Betty is glad of the chance to talk to Pat; she is worried about Mike.
  • George is learning. The cupboard contains things which have not seen the light of day for years and George has not missed them, so out they can go. He leaves Shula to finish the job when he suddenly remembers something to check with Jason.
  • Betty explains to Pat that Mike is depressed. He seems to resent the success that she and Neil are having with the eggs; he is still plodding on, doing what he has done for years but losing customers. There is not much contract work and there are others, Neil and Eddie for example, who are also chasing it. It feels just like ten years ago. Pat suggests some work delivering the veg. boxes; it is only half a day per week at present but it look set to grow. Betty will pick a moment and suggest it to Mike.
  • Siobhán has been keeping an eye on the building work from her window, so she is able to tell George that Jason has just gone. She reports that she should have all the questionnaires back by tomorrow and, having sorted them at the weekend, will let him have the results by the next meeting. George congratulates her on doing really well since she joined the PC.
  • Pat has given advice, now it is her turn to seek it, from George about Greg. He tends to keep to himself and George knew little about him when Brian first hired him. He found him difficult at first but has come to see him as a decent, hard-working bloke. Helen could do a lot worse than have Greg Turner as a boy-friend.

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