Tony fails to uncover Greg’s background and Emma resists Ed’s advances.

Radio Times: Ed makes a lunge.

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  • Pat and Tony are in The Bull but Pat is not staying; she is going to the cinema with Kathy. Greg is expected any minute, so Pat gives Tony final instructions about all the information he should try to extract about Greg. When the subject arrives, interrogator Tony sets about his task but the conversation rarely proceeds in the direction he intends. So Greg probably learns more about Tony than the other way round. What Greg likes about Helen is her passion for the things she believes in. He speaks of Helen with a warmth which impresses Tony. He does not think either he or Helen went after the other; they just got on.
  • Emma returns from work at Lower Loxley to find Ed waiting for her. He invites her to come round and listen to some really good records which he has borrowed. She will come later and bring some of her own too. (Presumably Kathy has made alternative babysitting arrangements!)
  • Tony has had a pleasant if unproductive evening and, since he and Greg both have an early start, they call it a day quite early.
  • Emma calls on Ed as promised and persuades him to keep the volume down for the sake of Joe downstairs but also because she doesn’t like it so loud either.
  • Pat is home early too; they got the time of the film wrong so had a curry instead. Needless to say Pat is very disappointed with Tony’s interrogative achievements but he is convinced that Helen will not get hurt because Greg’s feelings for her are genuine. They will just have to be patient until Helen is ready to talk about the relationship.
  • Emma enjoys the music, especially the CD she brought with her, but she doesn’t enjoy Ed’s attempt to kiss her. He doesn’t understand this, she was willing enough at the party; that was then and this is now. Pausing only to pick up her CD, she is gone.

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