Joe enjoys his 80th birthday and the turkeys make another bid for freedom.

Radio Times: A final word from Joe.

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  • On his 80th birthday, Joe is feeling rather grumpy because of his hangover. It is not helped by the hammering which he reckons has kept him awake half the night. His curiosity can be contained no longer so he sees his birthday present a little prematurely, not quite constructed and not at all painted. Clarrie thinks the greenhouse looks tatty but Joe is very pleased with it and there is another surprise promised for later.
  • Helen would like a chat with her dad but he is too busy. She deviously persuades him that he should go to The Bull at lunchtime to celebrate with Joe, then she will be able to grab some time for that chat.
  • Eddie had no idea his dad was so popular, in fact there are more people at the pub than he can afford to buy a drink for. Oliver Stirling has bought a round for the family but Eddie prefers not to accept that one, Neil can have it while Eddie goes outside for a sulk. Ed has presented Joe with a tankard engraved with G for Grandad; Joe is no fool, he guesses that it was retrieved from George’s skip.
  • When Tony arrives, Helen soon gets to the point. She wants to start Bridge Farm Cheese. Tony is impressed with her enthusiasm and her appetite for work but he thinks the family have taken on enough for the time being. They may do it in the future but not now.
  • Joe’s other surprise is also revealed earlier than planned by Ed; as he contemplates a birthday appearance on Radio Borsetshire, Joe reckons that the day gets better and better.
  • Helen is talking eggs with Neil when he discovers that Eddie’s turkeys are loose again, this time amongst his pigs. Eddie must sort this out, he is always taking advantage.
  • Joe enjoyed his radio treat, except when Wayne played “Grandad”. Back home, Eddie announces that he has obtained the loan of a tractor and plough; Joe is eager to know more but the doorbell puts an end to that conversation. It is Neil, demanding that Eddie comes to sort out his flaming turkeys. Joe decides they will all go, which leaves Clarrie with a dinner ready to be served.

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