Joe’s birthday present takes a lot more time than expected.

Radio Times: The Grundys do good by stealth.

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  • The greenhouse, which will be Joe’s surprise birthday present, was supposed to involve a bit of sanding down and a coat of paint. If only! Ed is finding that a lot of wood and glass has to be replaced, so the whole thing is taking a lot longer than planned and it is getting dark.
  • At Brookfield, David is whacked; he thought it would get easier when Debbie took over the arable. He is worried about one of the cows. Ruth is unpacking the last few boxes, one of which contains his birthday present for tomorrow. Ruth has ideas about re-decorating but David … is snoozing.
  • At Keeper’s Cottage, panic is setting in; they are working by artificial light and the roof of the greenhouse is giving trouble. Ed thinks he should be paid. He needs the money to pay for concert tickets: he is taking Emma, rather than Fallon because she only talks about her course these days. when William’s car draws up, out go the lights but they need not have bothered: Joe is spark out, in an alcohol-induced sleep. By the sound of it, Joe has had a brilliant day.
  • David has been out to attend the cow; he had a bad dream which woke him – spooky! Anyway, she had a still-born calf which was rather messy and the cow is distressed. What a way to start your birthday.
  • It is 3:30 am and Eddie has had enough; he will finish the door in the morning. William has to be up by six; it is hardly worth going to bed but he dismisses the suggestion that he should call in sick. Apparently Alf has expressed an interest in coming over to see them but Eddie is not keen. His brother is not to be trusted; he must want something. However, Eddie is pleased with the greenhouse and is convinced that Joe will love it.

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