Constanza makes a splash; meanwhile one of Shula’s horses is attacked.

Radio Times: A nasty shock for Shula.

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  • Lynda commiserates with Ruth over the TB problem. A depressed and worried Ruth tells Lynda what it will mean for them, but manages to stop short of mentioning gassing badgers.
  • As Shula tidies up after giving Alice some coaching for her next jumping event, she notices that Bobby is limping. Luckily Alistair is on hand to stitch the gash, but it seems that someone has deliberately attacked the horse. A very distressed Shula wonders who could do such a thing.
  • Lynda’s anti-pole-barn petition isn’t doing very well, and Ruth tells her bluntly that none of the farming families will sign it. Pip spots the fox by the hedge and is keen to try Lynda’s idea of using Constanza as a guard-llama for the chickens, but as llamas are susceptible to TB, she will have to stay clear of Brookfield. Meanwhile Pip can come and walk Constanza round the village.
  • While Brenda takes Phoebe down to the Am to catch tiddlers, she catches up on Helen’s news about Greg and his daughters, and tells Helen that she is going out with Adam. When Lynda and Constanza appear, Constanza makes straight for the river, and Lynda’s attempts to restrain her are in vain. It looks as though Brenda’s idea of a radio Borsetshire feature on Local Eccentrics just might have some mileage.

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