There’s a weight on Eddie’s mind and the Brookfield harvest has a set-back.

Radio Times: Chaos and conflict at Brookfield.

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  • Harvest is under way at Brookfield when a grain trailer has a puncture. Brian throws an Aldridge wobbler and blames it all on Brookfield.
  • At the stables, Joe, ever on the scrounge, tries to get Bart shoed for free.
  • Back home, Eddie reveals his latest plan. Because the prize for the wife-carrying contest is her weight in beer, he’s decided to add ballast to Clarrie.
  • The harvesting problems at Brookfield aren’t over yet. It seems that the grain is too wet. David points out that Debbie always saw to the servicing of the grain-dryer, but Brian’s not having any of it and takes his combine back to Home Farm. Brookfield’s harvest will just have to wait. David’s exasperation leads him to wonder whether they shouldn’t terminate the agreement for contract work.

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