Susan has an idea and is in a hurry to lock up the show house.

Radio Times: Competition starts hotting up.

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  • Helen demonstrates her rural know-how by helping Greg to round up the pheasants for the night. In the Bull afterwards Helen finally talks him into letting the girls come for two weeks in the summer, and she will take time off to entertain them.
  • Also in The Bull, a merry Tom and William reveal themselves to be friendly rivals for the wife-carrying contest. Susan’s quite merry too, for a change, celebrating her success in getting the job as school secretary in Borchester, even if it is only maternity cover.
  • On the green, a by now even merrier Tom, Will and Emma are in full training for the wife-carrying. When Greg and Helen see them, Greg surprises them by demonstrating the necessary skills and challenges the others to a race.
  • By this time Susan is not just merry, she’s positively drunk, and she lures Neil into the show house. She persuades him to try out the bed … and to continue the experiment at home.

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