It all comes flooding back for Susan as she realises that she has failed in her caretaking.

Radio Times: Celebration turns sour for Susan.

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  • Brenda and Kirsty are off on a shopping trip to find the perfect outfit for Brenda to wear on her date with Adam, but as Brenda is a bit strapped for cash, they decide to see what’s in her wardrobe first. On the shopping trip they encounter Eddie, who has found the perfect solution to his weight problem in the wife-carrying contest – a diver’s belt to increase Clarrie’s weight, and the size of the prize he’s so sure he’s going to win. Unfortunately Clarrie is distinctly less keen on the idea.
  • Susan’s night of drunken passion has rebounded on her; she thinks she forgot to re-set the burglar alarm, and someone has broken in and trashed the place. Water is pouring everywhere. Conveniently, Alistair is passing, and he discovers that the boiler has been stolen and the radiators ripped off the walls. Susan goes and pours out her guilt to Clarrie.
  • Alistair is going to borrow pig-scales to be used for weighing the entrants in the wife-carrying. The ‘wives’, however, draw the line at public weigh-ins on pig-scales.
  • Brenda gets a text message from Roy, to say that he and Hayley won’t be able to go to Birmingham tomorrow, so Brenda and Adam will just have to go alone. Brenda nearly manages to hide her delight.

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