Brenda sees the light – a relationship with Adam has limited potential.

Radio Times: There’s disappointment in store for Brenda.

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  • Still cross about the harvesting fiasco, David tells Brian in no uncertain terms that he’s going to terminate their contract.
  • Clarrie adds her voice to the Ambridge females’ refusal to be weighed publicly. She’s worried about Lynda’s petition, too, as it’s making Joe depressed. David reassures her when he says the Parish Council had raised no objections, but she has a hard time convincing Joe.
  • On their night out in Brum, Adam and Brenda find conversation a bit wooden at first, and the singer is dreadful, but Brenda’s determination to have a good time is infectious, and when Adam suggests moving on elsewhere, she’s all for it. They both start to enjoy the evening.
  • Ruth and David mull over Ambridge gossip. They, too, have heard that super-brat Daniel is being more than usually difficult, because Shula is devoting so much time to Alice.
  • To Adam’s surprise and relief, Brenda loves the gay club he’s chosen; she’s been before, and likes it because girls don’t get pestered there. But when Adam goes off to talk to his friend Declan, the truth dawns on her. A text message from Kirsty doesn’t help, either.

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