Helen wins the day over having Greg’s daughters to stay.

Radio Times: Greg makes a decision.

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  • In the Bull, Sid mentions that he has decided to propose Adam for captain of the cricket team. Cynical Eddie wonders whether the fact that Adam has a rich step-father and the pavilion needs painting might have something to do with the suggestion.
  • Tom thinks that the women’s boycott of the weigh-in means the end of the wife-carrying contest.
  • Kirsty can’t wait to hear how Brenda’s date went, but is speechless when Brenda tells her about the Paradiso club and Declan. Helen interrupts the conversation, but doesn’t seem at all interested in the hot news. She’s still trying to psychoanalyse Greg’s attitude to his daughters.
  • Back at the Bull, Helen has yet another nag at Greg about the girls; they can fly into Birmingham, she and Greg will plan a fortnight of non-stop activity; it will all be on their territory, not Michelle’s. Greg is amazed at the brilliance of Helen’s ideas.
  • It’s not only Helen who is gifted with original thought; Jolene has had the even more original idea of a private weigh-in on the Bull’s bathroom scales, monitored by Alastair.
  • Greg has emailed France. He is so delighted with Helen’s idea that he suggests they enter the wife-carrying, and to prove it he carries Helen up to the bedroom to finish their bottle of wine.

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