Helen and Greg win the wife carrying contest at the fete; Clarrie tells Eddie Adam is gay; The new vicar makes his first appearance.

Radio Times: Clarrie gets the village gossip.

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  • At the fete, Alistair is setting up the course for the wife carrying contest – a strenuous course much to Eddie’s dismay. Meanwhile, Tom and Kirsty are disparaging about the ‘guess the weight of the llama’ contest, though surprised that Helen and Greg are planning to enter the wife carrying contest! At the barbeque and ice cream stands, Clarrie is shocked to hear from Kirsty that Adam is gay. She wonders if Betty knows (though if she doesn’t, it seems she soon will….)
  • Sibling rivalry ensues between Tom and Helen over their respective refreshment stalls. Clarrie passes by, full of gossip to be passed on to anyone who will listen it seems.
  • At the wife weigh-in, Jill is overwhelmed to hear that ‘Alan’ (implied ‘Titchmarsh’) has dropped by – a regular visitor to Ambridge these days! Clarrie is not at all keen for Alan to see her being carried by Eddie around the course and wants to drop out, but Eddie is having none of it!
  • The race is on, with full commentary from Alistair – including letting slip Clarrie’s weight, a wholesome 14 stone 3 pounds! Part way round the course and in the lead, Clarrie tells Eddie that Adam is gay, at which point Eddie takes a tumble and the two of them fall into the water!
  • Helen and Greg were the outright winners. Alistair meanwhile is SO SO apologetic for letting Clarrie’s weight slip out. Ever on the ball, Eddie suggests waiving the veterinary charges next time Bartleby needs some medication. Jill introduces ‘Alan’ to present the prizes. Not Alan Titchmarsh though – it is Alan Franks, the new vicar, in his first official role – prize giving at the village fete. How charming!

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