Susan is sacked from her cleaning job; Joe learns the news that Adam is homosexual.

Radio Times: Good news for Joe.

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  • Fallon and Ed are with Joe at the field and the two of them are having a good laugh at yesterdays events, agreeing that there are a lot of strange people living in Ambridge – whatever must the new vicar think! Joe appears confused when Ed explains that the only reason his dad dropped Clarrie was because she had just told him about Adam ‘coming out’. Coming out of where? wonders Joe. (Ahem….. I think it’s the closet Joe!!)
  • At Lower Loxley, Elizabeth has just received a call from a depressed Siobhan who feels very trapped and lonely in her new environment. Nigel is sympathetic but neither of them has any solutions to offer. Usha arrives to return the speakers used at the fete, and to give Elizabeth all the gossip from the eventful day. They retire to the cafe in the grounds where Elizabeth reveals Nigel’s latest hare-brained bio-mass scheme, though for all that Usha thinks they make a very good team.
  • A distressed Susan goes round to see Clarrie. It seems that Susan has been sacked from her job at the new housing development, and understandably is rather shaken, especially with the implication of her jailed past being a possible reason for her dismissal.
  • Joe is amazed about Adam, and wonders what will happen to that family next. The likes of Joe (and Sid it seems) don’t understand people who ‘bat for the other side’. Jazzer arrives with £200 for Ed – repayment for their holiday. However, he is reluctant to say where the cash came from. More homophobic jokes are swapped between the three chaps, though Fallon quite likes the idea of Adam coming shopping with her and Jolene! Nigel arrives with some good news about preservation regulations surrounding corregated buildings. This is the best news Joe has had in a long time!

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