David remains frustrated about the recent TB outbreak at Brookfield; Tom is summoned to a meeting with the supermarket.

Radio Times: Frustration for David.

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  • Ruth and Adam are chatting about the success of Adam’s direct marketing at Farmers Markets. Adam is sympathetic about the TB news, and apologetic about the lapses with the Brookfield contract last week, though Ruth says that David has calmed down now. Jennifer arrives for some more boxes for the Farmers Market, and urges Adam to talk to Brian soon about ‘you know what’!
  • Tom and Kirsty are at the supermarket doing a tasting session for the sausages. Nicky the supermarket manager calls Tom on his mobile demanding a meeting – and soon. The date is set for Friday and it all sounds ominous since sales are still down.
  • David is in an angry mood about the TB and is talking to Phil. David is convinced that the badgers are the cause though Phil is not so sure. He suggests that David calm down as being irate will not help, and suggests some preventative measures which may help. Ruth arrives back from the Farmers Market where she has been with Jill. Another lucrative day it would seem.
  • Jennifer and Adam are delighted with the days takings – over £1000 his time. Adam still has not had a chance to talk to Brian and won’t today. Adam is concerned that the rather nice set up they have at the moment will be damaged once Brian found out. Phil arrives with some pictures of fete’s past and reminiscenses ensue about village characters from yesteryear. The phone rings – its Lynda Snell. It seems that Foursquare is back on the website!

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