Nigel is off bodging; Elizabeth is off to Ireland; Lynda is definitely off Joe.

Radio Times: Nigel finds another hobby.

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  • Nigel and Elizabeth are at a local country fair, checking out the competition as well as enjoying some time out together. They chat about developments at Lower Loxley, and after a wine tasting, Nigel muses about starting grape production in Ambridge, though tounge in cheek at this stage at least……
  • Ruth and David are chatting about the pictures of past fetes which Jennifer has posted onto the website. Lynda has send lots of emails to David in advance of tonights PCC meeting. Joe arrives with evidence of the validity of his pole barn in the form of the website address of the corregated buildings preservation organisation. A distraught Lynda rushes in. There is a fox in the chicken run though Jet has seen it off. An argument develops beetween Joe and Lynda regarding llamas and pole barns and Foursquare. Things calm down though not before Lynda has been made aware of the ‘corregated iron club’ website.
  • Back at Lower Loxley, Nigel suggests that Lizzie goes over to Ireland to visit Siobhan for a few days, particularly with Siobhan feeling so down at the moment. Elizabeth is delighted, though when Nigel announces he is away next week on a Bodging course, she understands his generosity!!

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