Ed is concerned that Jazzer stole his repayment money; Brian is shocked to learn that Adam is gay.

Radio Times: Brian makes a shocking discovery.

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  • Fallon visits a busy Ed who is shovelling hard-core. Brian breezes by and from his comments about Adam and eligible young women, it is clear that he is unaware of Adams sexuality, despite some rather obvious sideways remarks made by Ed and Fallon
  • Jack and Peggy are visiting Jennifer at the Farmers Market in Borchester, where Jack reveals Matt Crawfords mansion plans, much to Jennifers horror. Once back at Home Farm the three of them talk about Kentons absence from the cafe earlier. Jack and Peggy are rather concerned, and Jack thinks he ought to start keeping a closer eye on Jaxx Caff. Brian arrives and whilst chatting with Jack, it dawns on him that Adam is gay. He says nothing directly to Jack but quickly changes the subject.
  • Later on, Fallon and Ed are having a good laugh about Bert’s latest poem – the subject matter being Joe’s pole barn. Their conversation moves on to Ed’s concerns about where Jazzer may have got the money to pay him back. He thinks Jazzer may have been behind the equipment stolen from the new housing development. However, Fallon tells him to lighten up – after all, who cares where the money came from so long as Ed has been repaid.
  • Brian confronts Jenny about not telling him about Adam. He is outraged at the deception and having been kept in the dark, however Jennifer soon puts him in his place about deception (remember Siobhan Brian?). Brian claims to be ok with Adam’s sexuality, though his words and his attitude do not seem to match….

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