Things are awkward between Brian and Adam; Tom is told by the supermarket to reduce his price or risk a sharp decline in orders.

Radio Times: There’s disappointment in store for Tom.

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  • Tom is meeting with Nicky, the supermarket manager. Things are not good – sales are down. Despite Tom’s protests, Nicky gives him a stark choice: Either reduce the price to below £3 or the order volume goes down quite significantly.
  • At Home Farm, Adam makes a point of talking to Brian about his discovery that Adam is gay. Brian refuses to acknowledge ther is a problem, though it couldn’t be more obvious and the distance between them is already apparent. Even later when Adam tries to talk again, Brian is not receptive other than passing a few snide remarks.
  • Back at Bridge Farm, a despondent Tom returns, though Tony is oblivious to Tom’s demeanour, instead giving a hard time about shifting some straw bales. After Tony leaves, Tom tells Kirsty how dire the meeting was. She tries to console him, trying to assure him that things won’t be that bad. However, all of Tom’s forecasts have been based on a tight margin, and he doesn’t know whether he will be able to survive this. All he can do is wait….

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