Marjorie’s move brings an early accommodation crisis for Roy and Hayley.

Radio Times: Marjorie faces a dilemma.

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  • Betty and Pat share memories of the village fete. Pat is distinctly cynical about Helen’s relationship with Greg, but is willing to help Helen out with Greg’s daughters when they come to stay. Their conversation is abruptly terminated by Mike, who can’t contain himself over the revelations about Adam.
  • On her way to the Bull, Kirsty watches Tom feed the pigs. He hasn’t told his parents the whole truth about the sausage crisis, and swears Kirsty to secrecy. She’s willing, provided they can have a proper, non-sausage-related night out for once.
  • Mike’s outburst has clearly rattled Pat, who asks Tom if it’s true. Tom is nonchalant about it, and Pat pretends, rather unconvincingly, to be nonchalant too.
  • Marjorie breaks the news to Roy that she has got a place at The Laurels, much earlier than anticipated, and she will be putting Nightingale Farm on the market immediately. A worried Roy tries to make her feel better about it, but drowns his sorrows in a pint at the Bull before telling Mike and Betty.
  • It seems that Tom’s sausage problems are no longer a secret; Fallon has been spreading the news in the Bull.
  • Mike’s homophobia reaches new heights when Roy tells him that Adam took Brenda to a gay club. Betty tries to calm him down, but quickly forgets the Adam saga when Roy tells her that he and Hayley might have to move to Birmingham.

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