Continued escape for Brian as Debbie is convinced of Simons guilt and of Brian’s innocence.

Radio Times: Tea and sympathy at Home Farm.

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  • Brian and Jennifer are discussing Debbie, who is upstairs, upset in bed, having stayed the previous night at Home Farm. Brian is convinced her row with Simon concerns another woman, and refers back to similar behaviour in Simon when Debbie first went out with him in her university days. Jennifer takes some tea and toast up to Debbie, but she’s not really interested. Apparently Simon has been on the phone, but Debbie is not interested in talking to him. She does though, tell Jenny about the mobile phone bill, and the link back to Brenda Tucker
  • Tom turns up at Brookfield looking for Chaba. He tells Ruth that the Grundy’s frontage is looking a little tidier. They also have a laugh about Bert’s poem about Chaba which has been printed in the Echo. More laughs ensue when David and Chaba come in for lunch. David tries to persuade Ruth to put herself forward as chair of the Borchester district milk group, where she could have more influence on potential government policy making. Tom reveals the real reason for his visit – to invite Chaba to go out clubbing with him and his friends.
  • Brian prods Jenny for information about what Debbie has said, (I wonder why? !!!), and is dismissive of anything serious existing between Simon and Brenda – including reference to lack of proof in the link between phone calls and inappropriate behaviour. Brian takes some soup up to Debbie and tries to get her to talk – specifically about exactly what Simon had said to her. She is terribly upset; is convinced that Simon is guilty, and though not revealing what he had said about Brian, is certain that it was all lies….

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