Neil makes Susan’s birthday meal an awkward affair; Debbie accuses Simon about Brenda; Simon blows the whistle on Brian.

Radio Times: Debbie makes a discovery.

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  • Simon is in his office when Brenda comes in and persuades him (not difficult) to come out for a drink, rather than go home to cook for Debbie. One drink turns into several, together with flirtatious conversation, and Simon ends up not returning home until some while later.
  • Susan is talking to Emma about her visit to the doctor – the follow up to her accident. Emma plays down the whole thing, though when Neil arrives home he is much more forthright, with constant references back to the root cause, that being a ‘Grundy’. As if on cue, Will arrives to share Susan’s birthday meal with the Carter’s. He’s brought a gift of flowers and chocolates for Susan, for which she is touched, which is more than can be said for Neil. The entire conversation during the meal is tainted by snide comments from Neil about the Grundy’s, and even when Susan confronts him about this in the kitchen, he refuses to back down.
  • Debbie arrives home to an empty flat and a message on the answer phone from Simon saying he’ll be late. She opens the post, only to discover Simon’s large mobile bill, with a lot of calls on it to one particular number. Debbie rings the number, only to get Brenda Tucker’s voice mail. When Simon eventually returns, Debbie confronts him about Brenda, though refuses to say how she came by the information. Simon, presumably thinking that Brian has said something, counter-accuses Brian (in pot-calling-kettle-black style) of carrying on with Siobhán. Debbie, aghast, storms out…..

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