Jack complains about the Grundy junk; Baby Spice has twins; Debbie learns of Simon being out with Brenda.

Radio Times: Keeper’s Cottage is under inspection.

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  • Jack is nervously complaining to Joe about the mess at the front of the cottage following Lynda’s complaints, though Joe is hardly in agreement to say the least. The phone rings – its Ed bringing news of Baby Spice – she’s given birth to twins. Joe duly dismisses Jack and heads off to Grange Farm.
  • The ever irate Tony is sounding off to Neil about the appalling Brian and his performance at the dinner party. Neil doesn’t have much to say, until conversation turns to Helen moving in with Greg, which leads Neil to express his discomfort at Emma’s relationship with Will. Jack arrives looking for Tommy – it seems that both Jack and Peggy enjoyed the Christmas pudding sausages Tom gave them, even after Peggy had stuffed them into the orifice of a roast chicken.
  • At Grange Farm, Joe and Ed are admiring the two calves. Joe is giving Ed the benefit of his wisdom, and consequently they separate the calves from Baby Spice to prevent the return of her milk fever. When they return to Keepers Cottage, they are confronted by Jack going on about the junk on the verge again. Jack resorts to pleading with Joe to get it moved. We’ll have to see……..
  • Elizabeth is giving Phil a lift home, seeing how Kenton has absconded with Phil’s car. On the way, she gets a puncture, and is not happy about Phil attempting to repair it. Debbie arrives and offers to do the job. As she works, Phil mentions that he saw Simon out with Brenda last Wednesday night. ‘Funny’, says Debbie, ‘Simons American Literature class is on a Tuesday……..’

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