Dan finds out about Alistair’s gambling and says he needs time with Dorothy to find out if they really love each other. Jake wants to stay with his Dad and Will blames Emma for driving him away.

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  • Emma is still fussing about the mess and Will isn’t prepared to let Poppy settle at nursery or leave Jake alone at his father’s. It’s not good for the kids.
  • Kenton and Dan discuss the breakup. Dan tells him that Shula as good as told her that she only married Alistair to give him a family. As far as he can see it it is all Shula’s fault. Kenton tells him he doesn’t understand what is going on. There was a time when she would have had every good reason to leave him but she stuck by him. Eventually Kenton tells Dan about the gambling. Dan is horrified. How can he talk to anyone about it. Kenton says Dan wants to be treated as an adult (well, maybe he should behave like one then!) so he must understand that people are human but that they did love each other once.
  • Andrew turns up at Grange Farm to have a chat with Will. After some small talk Andrew asks how he thinks Jake is doing without his mum. Andrew doesn’t think Jake is doing so well. He wants a break from George for now and has just come to collect more clothes. It is more than scrapping and the way Emma laid into him about the laptop was out of order. It’s the first Will has heard of it
  • Will storms into the tea room to yell at Emma. It is all Emma’s fault that he hadn’t told her about the laptop. And now Andrew is keeping Jake for the rest of the week.
  • Dan goes off to Lower Loxley to whine at Elizabeth. Maybe Shula didnt really want him at all. Elizabeth says of course she wanted him. Even in the middle of all her grief she kept on with the injections so she could have him. Dan admits he didn’t know that. Elizabeth says she thinks Shula is being very brave. Elizabeth talks to him about how he was too young to know what was going on. But his Dad always loved him. She explains, too, that Freddie idolises his dead father and he wasn’t the idol Freddie thinks. Dan agrees he has a lot to think about and he is going away for a few days to see Dorothy – to find out if they really love each other.
  • Clarrie tries to mediate between Will and Emma but Will blames her for Jake and for the way things were before Nic’s death. Clarrie tries to stop him but he says he’ll never forgive Emma if she has driven Jake away. Clarrie tries to say that Jake just wants a bit of time away. Emma breaks down and says that’s what she wants too – to have somewhere else to be.

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