Dan is definitely taking Alistair’s side on the break up. Will does enjoy a day at Lower Loxley with the children but then insists they have to go to visit the grave.

Radio Times: Shula tries to justify her actions

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  • Poppy has gone back to nursery and Clarrie thinks he’ll be fine. Will is whining that Andrew is keeping Jake overnight. Clarrie tries to tell him that it will be better that day. Will is still insisting on taking the children to the grave so often. Clarrie says she think they might need to remember her in different ways such as going to the days out that they used to do such as Lower Loxley. Will agrees that they did enjoy it and so did Nic. So Clarrie says she’ll make a picnic and it will be a real family outing.
  • Dan is back at The Stables and is whining at her because she won’t stay with Alistair. Why now? It is out of nowhere. Shula tries to explain that it was a good marriage but it isn’t now. They’ve been growing apart for years. She says things change. Once he’d left home …. at which Dan decides she is blaming him. Shula tries to say that once he is older he will understand. Shula bumbles that she had found Alistair as a good father for him. That is enough for Dan and he storms out.
  • The day at Lower Loxley is going well until Alistair mentions orphan lambs which causes Will to react. Clarrie says how sorry they are but Will turns nasty as usual. He just wants to leave. He just wants people to leave him alone.
  • Dan and Alistair spend some time painting the women’s changing rooms. Dan can’t get over her saying she’d just found Alistair as a good father for him. Alistair says he shouldn’t think of things like that. Whatever happens, Alistair will always be his Dad. So he gets to hug the Captain in the Royal Tank Regiment.
  • Will does get over his tantrum. The children are enjoying themselves. And then Will says he needs to leave soon to take them to the grave again. Clarrie tries to persuade him against it but then Shula interrupts. They both agree that it is hard to know what is the right thing.
  • Alistair tries to persuade Dan to join in with Jim and Jazzer for a mock interview with Jazzer for a job at the pig unit. Dan says no. He might take a walk up Lakey Hill. It’s a good place to think.

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