Daniel plays up with his new “Daddy”.

Radio Times: Daniel plays up with his new “Daddy”.

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  • Mrs Antrobus is not starting the week particularly well. Hayley calls to check on her and to see about a rescheduled optician’s appointment to find her more concerned with the rapid deterioration in Portia’s condition. It’s a terrible decision to face when confronted with the demise of a long-time faithful, but the fateful day is dawned and she makes the call to Alistair. She attempts to play the stoic in the face of adversity, but as Alistair is digging the grave in the garden, her memories almost get the better of her. Hayley’s support is gratefully received.
  • Ruth’s feeling chipper, not least because she and David have been discussing their economic problems and decide that economies will have to be made, if only to show willing. She’s in the shop (and notices that going to the supermarket might not be a better option) when Alistair’s relating a problematic Daniel and she and Susan conspire to have him, jokingly, start to question his new parenting role!
  • After getting hold of some family credit forms from the post office, Clarrie catches Ruth to ask her if she might make an effort to get back the cushion cover, a gift for Aunt Rose. Edward, it seems, had stolen some GCSE coursework!
  • Susan has a third job, on top of her shop work and her slightly uncertain surgery position (it might get clearer when a potential new doctor visits next week). She’s a little cagey on the subject, but it’s something at Lower Loxley.