A question of image.

Radio Times: A question of image.

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  • Brookfield’s relations are as frosty as the weather, a situation that hasn’t escaped the family grapevine. Tony hears from Pat who heard from Peggy who heard from Jennifer who heard from Jill (Tom Lehrer, anyone?), that things aren’t so great, and invites Ruth and David to Bridge Farm to see whether leaning on a third party’s shoulder might help. In the end, it seems to. David is still annoyed that Phil didn’t consult the others about backing out of the new fertiliser spreader, but he can see the point. He and Ruth can also see that compromise is part of what’s required, that a gesture is better than continually bickering. After all, as Pat points out with reference to Clarrie and the Grundys, their problems are not so serious.
  • Tommy’s harrying his parents as to a decision over financing the sausage venture, with Helen overhearing and feeling a little left out. She seems to consider the pigs part of the family business and as such that she should be keep in the loop, and furthers this by suggesting to Pat that their farm branding is not as modern as it could be. With organic produce becoming big business, their packaging should have an edge which it doesn’t have. Pat’s a little affronted, but concedes the point.