Phil goes it alone.

Radio Times: Phil goes it alone.

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  • Brookfield’s sole topic of conversation is still financial (Shula bringing around honeymoon photos and Lizzie seeking sacred ground provide minimal respite). Ruth and David consider buying a new microwave, not being at all convinced by Jill and Phil’s protestations of economic prudence. Jill and Phil, in their turn, are all too concerned that the younger generation have not seemed to have learnt the concept of thrift.
  • Lizzie is worried about Lower Loxley, both that the debts seem crippling and that sometimes life would be simpler in an “ordinary” house – knowing full well that Nigel will never leave. Julia, though, seems that way too and Lizzie is furious to find that she’s still causing havoc in the office.
  • David and Phil have the huge bust-up that they’ve been tip-toeing around. David went to arrange the collection of the new fertiliser spreader only to find that Phil had already spoken to the vendor and managed to back out of the sale. David is furious, but Phil retaliates with the line that someone has to realise that this situation is not a game and that Brookfield’s future is in grave doubt.