A timely offer.

Radio Times: A timely offer.

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  • Robert fulfils his promise to help Julia install some voice recognition software, but she’s having some teething trouble with it – she’s performing for the microphone (like the professionally trained voice artiste that she is). Nigel interrupts the tutorial and is not happy as her profligacy, pointing out (while the microphone is still on) that buying at a discount is not the same as saving money. The program picks up these last two words as “slaying mummy”, prompt him to suggest that it might be better at mind-reading ….
  • Tommy’s feeling a little put upon by Pat because, as he sees it, he doesn’t seem as all around wonderful as Helen. Even when Hayley appears and they broach the subject of the financial backing for their sausage venture with Pat (they need money for packaging and labels probably around £2,200), Pat wants to run the idea past Helen, too. (A prospect that neither Hayley nor Tommy find too attractive.)
  • Julia’s having real problems with the application, some of it is the complex phraseology she’s employing, and in the midst of a particularly vexing moment the phone rings and she’s unamused at being disturbed. Lizzie wanders in to hear the tail end of the exchange is a less than amused at Julia’s handling of the office phone and, when she sees that Julia has not only been spending more money, but has been fiddling with the office computer, she lays down the law and forbids her from touching the computer ever again!