Third time unlucky.

Radio Times: Third time unlucky.

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  • Daniel’s been playing up a little, perhaps punishing his mother for leaving him? Alistair’s already resorting to bribery with sweets!
  • Clarrie used some of her advance to buy Edward new boots, but doesn’t tell Pat that this is the reason for her lack of a new washing machine (although she does ask Pat what she does about family credit), but she does tell Susan who, unfortunately, has a too-small-house full of two-too-large-children to be able to help out tonight.
  • Hayley’s found a butcher in Birmingham who might able to handle their pork sausage requirements.
  • Marjorie takes Portia to see Alistair – and the news is not good. She may be fit for years, but at 15 her kidneys are starting to show the wear of her old age. Marjorie takes the news well, but obviously sees parallels with her own old age as she, for a third time, cancels an optician’s appointment and opts to spend time with her gel.