Edward puts the boot in.

Radio Times: Edward puts the boot in.

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  • Money’s in scarce supply in Ambridge. An electricity bill for £1200 is fine a way for Brookfield’s partners to start discussing their financial situation, but after agreeing on various unavoidable capital expenditures and that their labour costs cannot be pared any further, the finger, inevitably, points at personal costs. Phil and Jill have already decided to reduce the amount they draw, which brings about the expected confrontation. Ruth and David are adamant that they are spending only what they need to on their kids’ upbringing, but Phil and Jill aren’t so sure that they’re not being needless proflagate when compared with their behaviour when raising their four. David’s sure that an extension on the overdraft will be enough until an upturn arrives – maybe a few months, Phil’s not so sure that they’ll not see the end of the problems for a couple of years.
  • The perennial Grange Farm scrimping and saving takes a few turns for the worse, too. First a council tax bill arrived (unpaid because Eddie had paid a feed bill instead), then Eddie hasn’t got the £25 refund to Caroline for the cushion cover she bought (“fortunately” the other one, Ruth’s, is with her auntie and so can’t be returned to the school, but doesn’t need a refund found). Clarrie promises Pat that the advance will be spent on a washing machine, not the council, but this might get stretched when Edward, recently picked for the school team, returns home with a disintegrated right football boot. Clarrie’s just not sure where the £50 for new boots is going to come from (and come from somewhere it must).