David almost persuades Pip to go back to college.

Radio Times: The game’s afoot for Lynda, and will Edana triumph at the show?

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  • Edana does well at the show. Not best in class but at least she gets a rosette. After the judging, Pip and David go for coffee and cake and he gets Pip more or less to agree to go back to college, even if she has to retake a couple of exams.
  • Emma and Jill are getting ready for the murder mystery. Emma is to be a maid wearing one of Julia’s old costumes. Lynda is sure it will fit. And the celebrity guest has confirmed. Jill’s cooking videos are keeping her busy too. They are getting very popular.
  • Josh is turning out to be a real star. Good at football, helping Jill with the bees and now he has turned out to be a real plumber too, fixing the filter on Emma’s washing machine.

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