Kathy continues to try to blame everything that is wrong in life on Kenton.

Radio Times: Jolene broadens her horizons and can Kenton and Kathy see eye to eye?

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  • Kathy is still fussing about Jamie. He was obviously having to make an effort to enjoy his birthday. It’s bowling later and then Jamie is escaping to Brookfield with Josh. It was Jack’s 91st birthday yesterday and at least Peggy was pleased with the little tea party they had.
  • Fallon finally manages to make Jolene get out of the pub to go for a walk. She ends up talking to Pat who tries to make her realise that time will make things better.
  • Jamie obviously has a good time at the bowling for his birthday mainly because Kenton is there. Kathy obviously can’t have that so takes the opportunity to have another go at Kenton this time because he says he can’t go to New Zealand to see Meriel before Christmas because of Jaxx. Anything to ruin the atmosphere.
  • Kathy decides to carry on her martyr act with Pat later. She is furious Kenton doesn’t want to go to New Zealand even though she doesn’t want to go anyway. And she claims his effort at the bowling was only a token one even though without him it would have been a disaster. She claims she has been trying to talk to Kenton instead of attacking him at every turn. Pat tries to tell her to calm down – give it some time before she makes any decisions.

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