Joe is fired from the village shop for selling illicit courgettes.

Radio Times: Joe engages in some private enterprise

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  • Joe is up to his scams in the shop again – selling off his own garden veg and pocketing the money. But he’s finding time to complain about not getting the part he wants in the who dunnit.
  • Brian impresses Benedict from Rodways at how far he has got with the market plans including convincing Mr Hastings. BL are ready to go for planning permission whenever they want. David is pleased too, as will the NFU. Brian is keeping his plans for any future retail expansion under his hat for now though.
  • Lynda’s plans for the murder mystery are getting as complicated and time consuming as usual. David puts some effort into rehearsing his part as a policeman though.
  • When Susan finds out about Joe’s courgette enterprise she is less than impressed. Lynda and Susan take him to task and Lynda says he isn’t needed any more. He’s fired.

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