Kenton stays overnight on Kirsty’s sofa.

Radio Times: Pip has an early morning meeting

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  • Pip has signed up back for college. His tutor told her she will have to work hard to catch up but David and Ruth are still pleased. David and Elizabeth still manage to squabble about who knows best how to bring up Pip though.
  • Kenton is planning a theme evening at Jaxx and manages to drag Nigel along although Elizabeth isn’t so keen. Kenton is determined to be good and get home on time to make things up with Kathy, but 5 mins with Nigel and he is planning a lock in. Kenton feels like he is living two separate lives. He really enjoys what he is doing at work and then as soon as he gets home Kathy is down on him. He knows it’s a tough time for her but she could meet him half way. He still loves her but it’s Jamie he is really worried about. Nigel’s advice is to let thing ride for a while.
  • Kenton gets very drunk with Nigel and can’t drive home so Kirsty offers him her sofa.

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