David and Ruth are mending fences – literally and metaphorically – and Caroline is still not happy.

Radio Times: Regrets? Caroline has a few.

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  • Jill and Ruth are watching the children play – Ruth is still mad at David, and Jill is trying to calm her. David arrives, asking for help as some of the cows have got out of their field.
  • Jennifer tells Brian that she’s concerned about Lilian, but that she’s glad Lilian feels she can confide in her now; Brian is more worried about Matt Crawford, but Jenny tries to stop him worrying.
  • The cows had not got as far as the road, and David and Ruth get them back into the field. Janet leaves for lunch with Shula; David tells Ruth he knows where there was a dodgy fence. They have an argument, Ruth being upset that David hasn’t been careful.
  • Jill phones Shula to tell her that Janet’s going to be late – Shula asks about cleaning firms, as Christine has offered to have the house at the Stables cleaned professionally before Shula and Alistair move in. Shula tells Janet that Caroline is a bit upset, admitting that it’s partly to do with the documentaries, but that she’s ‘a bit down after a row with Oliver’. Shula says that she and Alistair had had problems settling down, and that as she does like Oliver a lot, she should try and sort the problem out, but thinks that Caroline is comparing him unfavourably with Guy.
  • David and Ruth mend the fence; David is still defending himself over buying the new heifers – Ruth points out that they’ve had a lot of problems, but have got through them as a family, and suggests that they won’t be so strong unless they do share all decisions and work together properly in future – David has to agree with that!

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