Joe and Bert are in disagreement over the broadcasts, Eddie’s branching out – into stone ornaments!

Radio Times: Joe is the mother of invention.

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  • Eddie is admiring his new moulds for the ornaments. Clarrie quite likes the rabbits but is rather shocked by the pigs! Its Joe’s day for the radio. Eddie doesn’t think it will last. Eddie is going to use the leftovers from the patio business to make the first batch of ornaments.
  • Oliver tells Ed he has no work for him. Maybe he’s picked the wrong time to set up on his own. Oliver tries to convince him exams are the right path for some people but Ed doesn’t think so. He’s fed up about not having a girlfriend and Oliver tends to agree.
  • Pat has had to give up trying to sell the broad beans with chocolate spot. Clarrie isn’t convinced about Eddie’s business enterprise either with the moulds but Pat thinks they might be popular. Joe is on Radio Borsetshire telling a story about his Uncle going poaching.
  • Oliver interrupts Caroline at Grey Gables. She is very busy. Oliver wasn’t very happy about the way things were left between them last week. She will try to be free for lunch.
  • Ed doesn’t think the concrete will work. It’s got lumps in it. Joe thinks so too. Bert Fry has already been on the phone ‘spitting feathers’. It was Bert’s great-uncle, not Joe’s according to him. He wants a cut of the fee but Joe says he only gets his bus fare.
  • Caroline thinks the documentary might not be so bad as she thought. She hopes it will be good publicity. She won’t be able to make lunch after all. They agree to lunch on Wednesday instead.

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