Scott’s trying it on with everyone, Lillian just tries it on with Matt

Radio Times: Matt is an ethics man.

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  • Lillian is getting ready to go out, without Scott – he’s not happy about this, but she thinks he’s just out for what he can get. He gets a kiss.
  • Matt arrives just before dinner – Brian is unhappy, and points out that he isn’t budging. Matt announces that Cllr Chalkman’s wife has resigned from the board of the parent company, and announces that he wants to make development plans more suitable for the village.
  • Brenda, meanwhile, goes to see Caroline to ask whether she could interview staff about working where the documentary. Scott interrupts, Caroline freezes him, but Brenda is more willing to talk.
  • Lillian and Matt discuss Carribean islands – Lillian is pouring on the charm. They discuss, briefly, Matt’s’offer’ to Brian – Lillian asks Mattto stay and stay. Matt and Lillian really are flirting atrociously. Lillian shows him out; Brian has been enjoying himself.
  • Scott has managed to corner Brenda. Scott is really smarming – Brenda asks about Lilian. Scott says not to bother, and is just about to ask Brenda out when Caroline arrives to talk about the radio programme some more.
  • Lilian, meanwhile, is crying on Jennifer about how much she loves Scott, and says that it’s all right for Jaenny, he doesn’t know what it’s like, being lonely, and that she knows everyone thinks sh’s a pathetic sote. Jenny suggests that Lillian has a lie down, so she does. Jenny agrees to ring Scott and explain.
  • Caroline gives Scott the message – Caroline tells Scott that she is really not interested at all. Scott takes Brenda back to his room for a drink.

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