The new heifers have arrived to acclaim. Caroline isn’t won over by Oliver at all.

Radio Times: Everything is falling apart.

  • Bert, David, Ruth, Eddie, Joe, Caroline, Oliver, Shula
  • The new heifers have arrived. They are looking good. David will have to hope Ruth thinks the same. They do seem to have an easy temperament. Bert is still cross about Joe’s story. He is going to ‘phone in’ again to put the record straight.
  • Eddie’s ornaments are falling to pieces. There are lumps all over them. He will have to start again. He’ll get some proper supplies this time – through the back door if he can. Eddie tells Joe Bert is planning to phone in but Joe thinks he can stop them.
  • David and Ruth think the lambs are looking good but they will be glad to see the shearers. At least Hassett Hills should mean they have a market. Maybe foot and mouth will mean a change of attitude – people will see there has to be a better way. They seem to be on the right track ‘as long as they work as a team’. Ruth finally admits the cattle look good.
  • Oliver has gone to some trouble over his lunch for Caroline. Things seem to be going quite well but then Oliver becomes possessive over her past relationships including Guy. Things definitely become colder.
  • Eddie tries to sell Shula some garden ornaments but she thinks Glebelands might be a better bet. Caroline visits Shula after her lunch. Things hadn’t gone well. Oliver seems too possessive, that’s a fatal flaw. Guy has just spoiled her for anyone else

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