Scott’s still all over Brenda like a cheap suit and the school’s mosaic brings a little publicity to the cause.

Radio Times: Brenda cannot concentrate.

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  • Wayne asks Brenda to screen calls more carefully for the second of Joe’s call ins – he wants more balance and more excitement. Scott arrives, once Wayne has left the room, and starts kissing Brenda, and asking her about her work. She is embarrased, and says she ‘doesn’t normally behave like that’, Scott sweet talks her, and calms her down somewhat. Joe arrives, and takes Brenda off to talk about Bert. Later, Bert phones the programme, but Brenda won’t let him speak. There are no other callers.
  • Meanwhile, Siobhán arrives to take Shula to the unveiling of the school mosaic. Shula is worried that the election will mean that fewer people can make oit, but Siobhán is quite confident that it’ll be good publicity. The speech at the unveiling does go well, and it seems that Siobhán is right, it will be good publicity. Scott brings Brenda, late, missing the speech. Brenda goes to get an interview with the artist, and Shula and Siobhán giggle over Scott’s behaviour, but are worried about Brenda.
  • Later Shula rings to ask Ruth whether she knows when Brenda’s special on the school is, and wish her well for her check up.

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