Eddie’s statues are going well and Betty’s worried about Brenda

Radio Times: Eddie makes concrete plans.

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  • Eddie and Clarrie admire Eddie’s new lot of statues. Eddie already has orders, and has high hopes. Pat arrives and offers Clarrie a lift to work.
  • Ruth is admiring the heifers when David comes to tell her to get ready for her checkup. She claims to feel really good, but is a bit nervous, thinking that everything’s starting to goreally well and now it could be about to go wrong. Jill arrives and says that Bert’s still glum. Ruth offers to buy Bert something to cheer him up, and maybe some new clothes for herself. When she arrives back, she’s had a lovely time and the checkup has gone well.
  • Pat and Clarrie have had a good morning. They’ve had to abandon the chocolate spotted broad beans. Clarrie is still worried about Edward; Pat tells Clarrie that Betty is worried about Brenda and Scott, although Scott has not split up with Lillian. Mike doesn’t know yet – he doesn’t seem to care that Brenda’s out all the time.

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